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Removing Duplicates from Array

September 9, 2017 bwilson 0

Have you ever had an array that want to be distinct? I come across this pretty frequent, one way to solve this is to pass the array into this function below and it will remove all the duplicates and return a distinct array.

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15 iPhone 8 Features “Confirmed”

June 5, 2017 bwilson 0

According to a recent article from Forbes, three alleged Foxconn employees have given away substantial information about Apple‘s upcoming iPhone 8 along with other Apple products on Reddit. With that, subreddit’s moderators have confirmed it has verified the identities of the posters with proper documentation and evidence. Though the leaks […]

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Model 3 RC UI

April 7, 2017 bwilson 0

Model 3 is around the corner and we are still unsure about the final designs of the UI. Release Candidate should be very close to what is expected. Engineers are at the final stages of development and are putting the systems through real world testing. Any major UI changes now […]

ServiceNow: Beginning Event Management

April 4, 2017 bwilson 0

Event Management is an application that allows ServiceNow to consume events from multiple event sources. Out of the box ServiceNow support the following tools natively and has builtin rules to handle those events: HPOM Hyperic IBM Netcool SCOM Solarwinds vRealize Zabbix To configure these tools to work to work with ServiceNow, […]

Columbus, Ohio Just Won $140 million

June 23, 2016 bwilson 0

Way to go Columbus, Ohio this will only ignite more job growth and technology usage. Columbus is becoming a city of the future. This is amazing to witness such a transformation in my lifetime. We are using more and more technology everyday and to live and work in a city […]

ServiceNow Compare Dates

June 18, 2016 bwilson 0

A quick update on the blog, since you may have notice a change…. I changed the look and layout of the blog for easy viewing and a streamlined look. I think this will be easier to read and therefore much better. Now on to your regular scheduled programming…. Today we […]