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MySQL Trim

June 9, 2015 bwilson 0

Some people just know about TRIM itself and not other functions that come with it. I found this chart to outline some uses of the TRIM function in MySQL.

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AWS Amazon Virtual Instance Creation

May 31, 2015 bwilson 1

Recently, I posted a tutorial on how to create a database using Amazon Web Services. To create a simple MySQL Database, you can view the tutorial here, it is a pretty straight forward process. Now we are going to look at creating a virtual server instance. This process is a bit […]

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New IntelliJ IDEA is here!ll

March 26, 2015 bwilson 0

Our good friends over at JetBrains has release a brand new version of IntelliJ IDEA IDE. As an IT guy and software developer, I have used IntelliJ IDEA many times. I have found that the IDE has many tools built right into the IDE, that I use daily. Some of […]

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Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Transform Your Data Center

January 20, 2015 bwilson 0

The end of support (EOS) date for Windows Server 2003 is fast approaching. Are you ready? On July 14, 2015, Microsoft will stop releasing critical patches for Windows Server 2003. With 37 critical updates in 2013 alone, running unsupported software presents significant risks and complications for your business that will […]

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Using Loops

January 20, 2014 bwilson 0

Using loops can be one of the most useful operations in any language. Depending on the type of loop that you will be using  you can loop through a set of numbers, continue the loop while a value is true or false, or do something before the loop starts. We […]

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Double Equals for Comparisons

December 30, 2013 bwilson 0

This is a holdover from C. It made its way into C++, and then Java used a lot of C++ syntax. The bug goes like this: Somewhere, you accidentally type a single equals sign instead of a double one when examining a boolean value: Instead of performing a comparison, as […]