Today Nyne Axis is changing their look and officially migrating over to Weebly, where we will sit. Why are we doing this? Weebly has the tools and resources to make sure our website performs its best, when it needs to. Our other hosting providers were great but there was always some performance issues and a lot of manual work to get everything going. So we decided to use readily available tools and services to get this website going again, like it should.

Another question you might ask is, why is a software company using other services? Well the short answer is simple, we want to focus on our customers. Our customers are #1 and if we use our resources to focus on our website then we are not focusing on the our customers.

There will be most blog posts in the next few days and we will continue to post regularly.


Brandon Wilson, Owner and Software Engineer

About bwilson 37 Articles
Mobile device specialist currently working as a system analyst, building out an IT infrastructure. I currently focus much of my work on relational databases as well as frameworks. The goal of my work is to continually improve processes and efficiencies.

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