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Our good friends over at JetBrains has release a brand new version of IntelliJ IDEA IDE. As an IT guy and software developer, I have used IntelliJ IDEA many times. I have found that the IDE has many tools built right into the IDE, that I use daily. Some of the tools, which are available out-of-the-box are: support for Maven, Gradle and STS; integration with Git, SVN, Mercurial; built-in Database Tools; and many more. Not to mention support for mobile and web development.

If you want to know more information about IntelliJ IDEA click here.

Now let’s talk about the new version, 14.1.

A decompiler was introduced in version 14, version 14.1 further streamlines the your workflow and extended the decompiler with full debugger capabilities.


Version 14.1 has brand new Extract Functional Parameter refactoring, improved Extract Method refactoring, new refactorings around the Call Hierarchy:Change Signature, Safe Delete Parameter,Make Method Static and Safe Delete.

Code Generation

Define and use your custom templates for generating equals/hashCode and getters/setters methods.

Distraction Free Mode

When you need to just focus on the code, use the brand new Distraction Free Mode. no toolbars, no tool windows, no editor tabs, just you and your code in the center of the screen.

To switch, click ViewEnter Distraction Free Mode.

Editor Tabs

Note the updated look-and-feel of Editor tabs: the design is flatter, and tab widths are now adjustable.

Simultaneous Tag Editing

Say no to broken code! Now when you edit an HTML or XML tag, the IDE takes care of applying changes to both the opening and the closing tag.

Multiple Selections

Now you can select arbitrary pieces of code: hold Shift+Alt and select code with the mouse to add another selection.

Scratch Files

Access and manage your project Scratch Files via the new Scratches tab. As Scratch Files are real files, all file operations apply to them as well. For scripting languages, you can run code right from Scratch Files.


You will notice much faster performance when compiling Groovy code due to the added Groovy-Eclipse compiler integration, and optimizations of groovyc invocation.


All the new features and improvements from the latest Android Studio are now available in IntelliJ IDEA.

Spring Frameworks

Enjoy developing Spring Boot applications with advanced coding assistance, dedicated New Project wizard and Run Configuration.


To facilitate OSGi development workflow, we’ve added initial support for Bnd/BndTools projects. More advanced support is coming in future minor updates.


To make the Diff viewer more compact we’ve added the new option Oneside viewer: it shows the difference between revisions in one page.

When switching between files, the Diff viewer remembers the caret position.

Other useful additions include the new action Accept all changes and a shortcut (F7) to navigate to the next change.

The highlights above are just some of the enhancements in version 14.1. If you would like to see more information about version 14.1 please click here.

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