Moving or Moved?

I have been playing around with Amazon Web Services, as you may already know from the previous posts, AWS Database Creation and AWS Instance Creation. Some of you may already know that I switched over our website hosting to Azure a year or two ago. Azure has been good to us, despite the crazy configuration I had to do, find more about that here. I did find it a bit slow from time to time, especially with the database. Now, I didn’t have a fully spec’ed out web server or database, it was on the low end of things. Everything was working, I just wasn’t fully satisfied with the performance, even after I upgrade the host.

So, here came AWS, I really liked what I was messing around with. Ease of use, easy setup, secure, fast, and pretty straightforward all around. After spinning up several test instances and trying different configurations, I decided to move all my files over to an AWS Ubuntu Bitnami LAMP. I will write more about this later, but for now, I am going to talk about my experience.

Like any other AWS instance, I choose Bitnami because it was an all in one packaged deal. It has MySQL, PHP, Apaches, and WordPress. Creating the instance was just a easy as the AWS Instance Creation, I just choose a different AMI bundle. Since it is a Ubuntu bundle, I used SSH to log in and configure my access, since I needed FTP to transfer files, I couldn’t connect to Azure using RSYNC, sad face. I also had to open up a few ports to allow outside connections, which I have already closed, hehe. Once everything was transferred to the new instance, I had to change over the DNS entries to the new IP and boom, I was back in business, little to no interruption.

I will be creating two tutorials later this week about the Bitnami and DNS (Route 53) to get your domain and website up and running with AWS, stay tuned!!

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