ServiceNow: Beginning Event Management

Event Management is an application that allows ServiceNow to consume events from multiple event sources. Out of the box ServiceNow support the following tools natively and has builtin rules to handle those events:

  • HPOM
  • Hyperic
  • IBM Netcool
  • SCOM
  • Solarwinds
  • vRealize
  • Zabbix

To configure these tools to work to work with ServiceNow, you will need to configure the connector definition for that specific tool.

  1. Go to Event Management > Connectors > Connector Instances > New
  2. Fill out the form with the required information. Most importantly the Host IP, Credential, and Connector Definition
  3. You can specify additional values in the lists below or list the MID servers you would like to use to handle this connector
  4. Submit the form and test the connection

At this point you are good to go and will begin receiving events into the Events table (em_event). There are a handful of event rules out of the box and the event engine will begin processing the events as they come in.

If there isn’t an out of the box connector available you can configure a REST call to insert records into the em_event table and then the event engine will then process the event. More on this later….

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