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How to kill Apple Watch apps

March 22, 2016 bwilson 0

Note: You have to be in the app you want to force quit before starting. 1: Press and hold down the side button until the shut down screen appears. 2: Press the side button again force quit the active app. All else fails, restart the device.

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My Experience with the eero Wifi System

March 18, 2016 bwilson 0

I upgraded my entire network about two years ago. I swapped my switch with a managed switch, to learn more about switches and my custom DD-WRT wireless router with an access point and then built a custom Pfsense box. I had thought I purchased a decent AP, I didn’t go […]

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Populating Angular Drop Down from JSON Result

February 10, 2016 bwilson 0

AngularJS is a very popular framework, with exposure to mobile app markets on the rise. Knowing the framework will take time, but knowing a few basics never hurt you either. I have been working with Ionic lately in the quest to create a mobile application for iPhone and Android, more on […]

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Run Your Business, Not the Technology

August 14, 2015 bwilson 0

Every business is different, from warehousing and manufacturing to office buildings and store fronts. Gone are the days where you can run a business with paper books. Technology is such an integral part of our business, it is hard to stay on top of it all. You want to run your business, […]

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U-verse Motorola NVG589 Bridge Mode

August 13, 2015 bwilson 5

Recently I switched from Time Warner Internet to AT&T U-verse Internet, mainly because of price and Time Warner would slow down during peak hours of the day. This was not a big issue when I moved in, because there wasn’t many houses. Time Warner had a pretty basic modem, I […]

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VMWare ESXi Making the Best Out of it

August 12, 2015 bwilson 0

VMWare ESXi is very powerful when it comes to virtual technology. I have worked with both Hyper-V and VMWare in the past and it is fair to say that VMWare knows what they are doing. In this post I am going to discuss a couple key features of VMWare, stuff that you […]

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iSCSI with Windows Server 2012 R2

August 11, 2015 bwilson 0

Recently I needed to expand my VMWare ESXI Host and I didn’t want to install a bunch of new drives and worry about managing them. The host doesn’t have a RAID controller, so it would makes things really hard to manage the drives. I already had a file server running […]

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Moore’s Law Slowing Down

July 17, 2015 bwilson 0

Moore’s Law has been a thing for some time now, and has been true. Moore’s Law states that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit doubles every two years. This is because of advancements in manufacturing and design of the circuitry. Over the past few decades circuitry has gotten smaller […]

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Intro Offer for New Clients

July 1, 2015 bwilson 0

Looking for a virtual hosting provider, but do not want to pay the price for one? If you can afford it, who will manage it? The cost and time it takes to manage your own virtual server is not well balanced. Most hosting providers charge by the hour and offer […]

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MySQL Trim

June 9, 2015 bwilson 0

Some people just know about TRIM itself and not other functions that come with it. I found this chart to outline some uses of the TRIM function in MySQL.