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New IntelliJ IDEA is here!ll

March 26, 2015 bwilson 0

Our good friends over at JetBrains has release a brand new version of IntelliJ IDEA IDE. As an IT guy and software developer, I have used IntelliJ IDEA many times. I have found that the IDE has many tools built right into the IDE, that I use daily. Some of […]

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January 10, 2014 bwilson 1

Encapsulation is a fundamental of Object Oriented Programming (OOP). I have used this fundamental many times before and thought nothing of it. However when I was asked this question I totally forgot about it. So I decided to write about it for both you and I to better understand it. […]

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Double Equals for Comparisons

December 30, 2013 bwilson 0

This is a holdover from C. It made its way into C++, and then Java used a lot of C++ syntax. The bug goes like this: Somewhere, you accidentally type a single equals sign instead of a double one when examining a boolean value: Instead of performing a comparison, as […]